Forensic Neuropathology, Third Edition

Forensic Neuropathology, Third Edition Neuropathology, Third Edition by Jan E. Leestma 
The field of forensic neuropathology covers such controversial topics as the effects of repeated brain trauma in football players and how babies probably cannot die from being shaken. Jan Leestma is one of the most respected voices in this area. A timely update to his classic reference, Forensic Neuropathology: Third Edition presents an encyclopedic exposition of neuropathological conditions that may have forensic import.
Reflecting the latest research, this edition includes expanded sections on multiple trauma, one punch/one hit arterial injuries, and the physiology of respiratory control. It presents new perspectives and rules regarding expert testimony and evidence admissibility occasioned by Daubert and related Supreme Court cases. The book explores how these rulings affect forensic pathologists, neuropathologists, and other potential experts as well as how they interact with the legal system.
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