Graphene Chemistry: Theoretical Perspectives

Graphene Chemistry: Theoretical Perspectives Chemistry: Theoretical Perspectives by De-en Jiang and Zhongfang Chen
What are the chemical aspects of graphene as a novel 2D material and how do they relate to the molecular structure? This book addresses these important questions from a theoretical and computational standpoint.
Graphene Chemistry: Theoretical Perspectives presents recent exciting developments to correlate graphene’s properties and functions to its structure through state-of-the-art computational studies. This book focuses on the chemistry aspect of the structure-property relationship for many fascinating derivatives of graphene; various properties such as electronic structure, magnetism, and chemical reactivity, as well as potential applications in energy storage, catalysis, and nanoelectronics are covered. The book also includes two chapters with significant experimental portions, demonstrating how deep insights can be obtained by joint experimental and theoretical efforts.
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