Physiology of Behavior (11th Edition)

Physiology of Behavior (11th Edition) of Behavior (11th Edition) by Neil R. Carlson
The most current, comprehensive, and teachable text for behavioral neuroscience
Thoughtfully organized, Physiology of Behavior provides a scholarly yet accessible portrait of the dynamic interaction between biology and behavior. Close collaboration between the author and a talented artist has resulted in beautiful, accurate, and pedagogically effective illustrations in every chapter.   
No other author compares to Carlson when it comes to thoroughly updating research. This revision incorporates the latest discoveries in behavioral neuroscience, and includes over 400 new references. Integrated for the first time with MyPsychLab, featuring an interactive Virtual Brain, chapter study plans, flashcards, and other resources, Carlson's 11th edition offers students an immersive and engaging experience.
Ebook format: PDF
Ebook page: 771
File size: 50.00 MB

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