Third International Handbook of Mathematics Education

Third International Handbook of Mathematics Education International Handbook of Mathematics Education (Springer International Handbooks of Education) by M. A. (Ken) Clements, Alan Bishop, Christine Keitel-Kreidt and Jeremy Kilpatrick
The four sections in this Third International Handbook are concerned with: (a) social, political and cultural dimensions in mathematics education; (b) mathematics education as a field of study; (c) technology in the mathematics curriculum; and (d) international perspectives on mathematics education. These themes are taken up by 84 internationally-recognized scholars, based in 26 different nations. Each of section is structured on the basis of past, present and future aspects. The first chapter in a section provides historical perspectives (“How did we get to where we are now?”); the middle chapters in a section analyze present-day key issues and themes (“Where are we now, and what recent events have been especially significant?”); and the final chapter in a section reflects on policy matters (“Where are we going, and what should we do?”). Readership: Teachers, mathematics educators, ed.policy makers, mathematicians, graduate students, undergraduate students. Large set of authoritative, international authors.​
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