Business Research Methods: An Applied Orientation

Business Research Methods: An Applied Orientation Research Methods: An Applied Orientation by S. Sreejesh, Sanjay Mohapatra and M R Anusree
Since research is best learned by doing, this book emphasizes a hands-on, do-it yourself approach. The readers have many opportunities to see how business researches affect and support management decision.  The book used a case study approach for all the chapters with interactive videos. The book gave emphasis to quantitative data analysis using a software program, IBM SPSS 20.0. The data analysis chapters illustrate in detail each step in running the software programs.  The software programs files are provided for all data sets: outputs, demonstration movies, and screen captures are on the Website. This book provides students most extensive help available to learn quantitative data analysis using SPSS. Thus, the authors prepared this textbook and all the additional materials to help the students to understand the functional principles of business research and how to apply them in real-life situations.
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