Composite Materials and Processing

Composite Materials and Processing Materials and Processing by M. Balasubramanian
Composite Materials and Processing provides the science and technology of processing several composites using different processing methods, and includes collective information on the processing of common and advanced composite materials. It also weighs the advantages and disadvantages of various processing methods. This book is suitable for materials scientists, and graduate students, as well as for practicing engineers in composite industries.
The book describes the basis for the performance of different reinforcements and matrix materials, highlights technological advancements, and significant points to consider in various processing methods. It dedicates an entire chapter to carbon-carbon composites, introducing the important properties and applications of various composites, and an additional chapter focuses exclusively on the processing of different nanocomposites.
• Offers up-to-date information on composite materials processing
• Contains material that is easy to read and understand
• Includes study questions and a bibliography in each chapter
• Provides simple laboratory experiments in the appendix
The author of Composite Materials and Processing takes into consideration that readers may have no prior knowledge about composite materials processing. He breaks down in layman’s terms in-depth information about what composites are, and how they work.
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