Essentials of Abnormal Psychology

Essentials of Abnormal Psychology
Essentials of Abnormal Psychology by V. Mark Durand and David H. Barlow 
In this briefer version of Durand and Barlow's widely taught text, the authors explain abnormal psychology through their standard-setting integrative approach--the most modern, scientifically valid method for studying the subject. Through this integrative approach, students learn that psychological disorders are rarely caused by a single influence, but rooted in the interaction among multiple factors: biological, psychological, cultural, social, familial, and even political. A conversational writing style, consistent pedagogy, and real case profiles--95 percent from the authors' own case files--provide a realistic context for the scientific findings of the book. In addition, these features ensure that readers never lose sight of the fact that real people are behind the DSM-IV-TR criteria, the theories, and the research.
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