Melatonin: Therapeutic Value and Neuroprotection

Melatonin: Therapeutic Value and Neuroprotection Therapeutic Value and Neuroprotection by Venkatramanujan Srinivasan, Gabriella Gobbi, Samuel D. Shillcutt and Sibel Suzen
There is growing interest in the field of melatonin research regarding its neurobiological mechanisms as well as its repercussions in clinical practice. This volume explores melatonin’s effect on the regulation of blood pressure, sleep, and circadian rhythms; its cardioprotective and neuroprotective role; and its use in treating epilepsy, obesity, and other disorders. It also examines melatonin’s protective role in peri-natal hypoxic-ischemia as well as the discovery of a number of melatonergic agonists, their potential role as antioxidants, and their therapeutic applications in treating glaucoma, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, primary insomnia, and psychiatric disorders.
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