Metabolic Profiling: Disease and Xenobiotics

Metabolic Profiling: Disease and Xenobiotics
Metabolic Profiling: Disease and Xenobiotics (Issues in Toxicology) by Martin Grootveld and Diana Anderson
Multivariate analysis of the multi-component analytical profiles of carefully collected biofluid and/or tissue biopsy specimens can provide a 'fingerprint' of their biomolecular/metabolic status. Therefore, if applied correctly, valuable information regarding disease indicators, disease strata and sub-strata and disease activities can be obtained.
This exemplary new book highlights applications of these techniques in the areas of drug therapy and toxicology, cancer, obesity and diabetes, as well as outlining applications to cardiovascular, infectious, inflammatory and oral diseases in detail. The book gives particular reference to cautionary measures that must be applied to the diagnosis and classification of these conditions or physiological criteria. Comprehensively covering a wide range of topics, of particular interest is the focus on experimental design and 'rights and wrongs' of the techniques commonly applied by researchers, and the very recent development of powerful 'Pattern Recognition' techniques.
The book provides a detailed introduction to the area, applications and common pitfalls of the techniques discussed before moving into detailed coverage of specific disease areas, each highlighted in individual chapters. This title will provide an invaluable resource to Medicinal chemists, Biochemists and toxicologists working in industry and academia.
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