Vaccine Analysis: Strategies, Principles, and Control

Vaccine Analysis: Strategies, Principles, and Control Analysis: Strategies, Principles, and Control by Brian K. Nunnally and Vincent E. Turula
This book is an indispensable tool for anyone involved in the research, development, or manufacture of new or existing vaccines. It describes a wide array of analytical and quality control technologies for the diverse vaccine modalities.
Topics covered include the application of both classical and modern bio-analytical tools; procedures to assure safety and control of cross contamination; consistent biological transition of vaccines from the research laboratory to manufacturing scale; whole infectious attenuated organisms, such as live-attenuated and inactivated whole-cell bacterial vaccines and antiviral vaccines using attenuated or inactivated viruses; principles of viral inactivation and the application of these principles to vaccine development; recombinant DNA approaches to produce modern prophylactic vaccines; bacterial subunit, polysaccharide and glycoconjugate vaccines; combination vaccines that contain multiple antigens as well as regulatory requirements and the hurdles of licensure.
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